Inoue k.

E-book editing, production and direct sales
-To promote the spread of electronic books, cheap, read e-books.
-Activities, such as e-books articles did not result in the book Lord became out of print technical books, etc or made available in e-book in the series of articles in specialized magazines and specialty newspapers such we went steady. And we will go independent publishing (what is copyright to his autobiography, collection of poems, photos, illustrations, cartoons, etc.) Edit substitution and electronic workbook of sales representative.
Please feel free to consult the shopkeeper. -Also, up support for electronic books, such as company information, product catalog, product description and free sale, free browsing, your HP can help you organise.

Regarding this matter please consult directly to the owner.

-Regarding e-book not only in the automotive repair field, forward a wide range of e-book production or sales agent. -Selling e-book is a pdf data.

Address to the buyer upon request viewable on Windows MAC ipad iphone android announcement. -Email address when ordering please what can be received from the Internet.

(Not mobile phone address has been set to reject delivery)

And resale to buyer non-digital media browsing rights purchased on the character of the dental media and digital data and transfer is strictly prohibited.
E-book production and direct sales shop Shopkeeper Inoue, Katsuhiko


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