Sale of 3D Digital Art!
Deals with the so-called full 3-d animation.
Also called a "Full 3D Computer Graphics Movie".

High quality 3D computer graphics make the clear digital sound a spectacular digital art created the offers at a reasonable price.
 ~ Charter (policy) ~
 "That of course as a person, lead to profit'
I'm aiming at will!

--Shop owner K.Makino
You better head <A target="_blank" href="http://k-makino.sakura.ne.jp/">http://k-makino.sakura.ne.jp/</A> !
Free download (<b>Free Downloads</b>) corner.

Also,<FONT size="+1"><A href="http://k-makino.sakura.ne.jp/present/" target="_blank">Homepage deals</A></FONT>(← click now) even there!
<b>Virgin movie that you can download for free now. From <A href="http://k-makino.sakura.ne.jp/kazoechao/virgin/kazoechao.cgi?url=http://k-makino.sakura.ne.jp/wall-paper/virgin/exe/virgin-pv.exe&name=pv-download">here</A> please (self-extracting 9.47 MB)</b>


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