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Passing between a man and a woman ... It begins with a misunderstanding of each other's sex.
I do n’t understand the partner ’s gender, I do n’t know…
"Sexless" due to various lack of knowledge is a major cause
There may be many cases?
This work was accompanied by a veteran popular actress and actor,
As a navigator, it explains the sex of men and women in an easy-to-understand manner.
“If you understand each other's gender, love will be deeper!”
There must be many viewers who are reminded of the contents of the work to satisfy their partners ...
The first topic of the HOW TO SEX series that “Nagira Kenzo” asks now!

スマート・セックス・ライフ 〜お互いの性を理解し合えば 愛はもっと深くなる〜

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