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I always ask my collogue read-to change your magic word


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Overview $ 0.99 Release campaign 75.7% off!
Up to 7 月 31 日 books, price 350 yen
 "Life you have walked Is your life really?
"(Excerpt from the text)
Alive worries, to frustrate or lost...

So, here are words strike a chord of your heart

-Work-I always ask love, money and life through my collogue read!

"To live like you."

released as an iPhone e-book application

People are weak creatures.
And unfavourable conditions in only one word,...
Conversely, us, encouraged by words.
Words soul and is called "soul".
Words have very strong energy.
The words strike a chord in your heart.
Your inspirational words.
This way live like you cheer a little you,

It is very happy if you can help meet your new.

      Chapter 1... life sciences more "happiness is a State of mind"
"No way capitalise from this road we walk this road"
      Chapter 2 work... from hen "dream work motivation and ringtones at wear"

"Work is a means of enjoys life's." Chapter 3... more money series "is a property of your money can't buy?
      」 "Step is entering enemy territory would be gold.

This is called the nouveau riche "
      Chapter 4: love from hen "If you choose who to marry..."

"With love..."

☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆ ☆☆.。.:*・゚*

★ who recommended ★
And people love do not work
And people are stuck at work
And who wants to earn money

Enjoy my life and people

☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆☆.。.:*・゚*:.。.☆ ☆☆.。.:*・゚*:
★ information ★ author
CHONAN Masahiko (50 years)
 A separate later engaged in the advertising industry.

Currently, personal business and writing in action.
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