78K0R ( that's ) coarse fly tying ワンマテリアル fly by explosive fishing ( 60 minutes and high-quality 3 M )

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• Best mood when the fish was able to fly rolled and shaped them yourself!
Energy saving = 1, FF introduction of fly tying hard thinking for easy tire (roll fly people) of contain fly tying can be made in this material.
• How to use the tools needed for tying plus moments video fly to settlement, water, fish fry to chew, also real fishing video on the fly for each. ♦ 1: marab ( winding ) only dubbing only ( just winding ): only 2 nymph 3: FLOSS red insect nymphs 4 in 1 book: so hard, really easy! シマッカドライ fried egg 5: グリズリーハックル one can [as the step-up series 6: conservation and pheasant tail nymph 7: conservation and plus 3 patterns ウーリーバガー 8: エルクヘアカディス, explosive fishing fly tying collection, all eight patterns easy • experience fun anyway, they fly so tying remember fresh introduction to six months, ビギナーフライフィッシャー and intermediate-level's young Flyfisher has rolled fly. And the fish was able to actually fly they rolled!