In Chuzenji Lake fly 30 point complete guide ( 60 minutes-quality 3 M )

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High quality WMV of 6/2001 of video works.
• Boating and fly fishing only natural fish, inhabiting the Holy land = in Lake Chuzenji wading points and map display screen 30 points, while further learn manners and rules unique to Lake Chuzenji, over here!
• Guide is closest to the local レークオカジン engaged in boat rental & restaurant in Lake Chuzenji, local Okamoto Hirokazu said, pro shop, umemura Shiro to Lake Chuzenji, Gorō brothers. • Brown trout or Lake Trout anglers General according to the coverage in the fish body, seen in other very unique to Lake Chuzenji stuff! Will the phreaks into Lake Chuzenji, beauty and sturdiness of the fish body, feelings, will surely know that?! Guided parking and directions to the area.