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Home Sweet Home

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"Home sweet home antique undergoes"to enjoy. Orgel's Mira Grand ( Mermod Freres) メルモフ rail companies. メルモフ rail company founded was manufactured from a small grocery and music of very large cylinder music great until 1816. Release disc musical box three brands, Stella Mira, Empress Germany full disk music developments,. We deliver the tone of "Mira",. "Home sweet home"'s English title is "Home, sweet home, home of gentility (the fun my home)". Sing comfortably moist, Japan, image, song left on this disk is made of Switzerland sold in the United States, is I feel rejuvenated a little bright. Home Sweet Home "accommodation" is a shabby house means.

Original poetry and Japan language lyrics, shabby appearance, though is lyrics "you warm home. Playback time: 1:25