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By the end of July 2020, we will stop providing streaming service in WMV format.
From August 1st of the same year, all files will be MP4 files.
Please note that the file name etc. may change slightly accordingly.
All works can be viewed, but duplicate files will be organized.
Also, files that can be downloaded temporarily will be mixed, but all will be unified by moving to streaming service.

In some cases, you may not be able to find it because you have been able to watch it by changing the file name, but in that case, please contact the following person instead of X-cream support.
Since I manage the registration of files, I think I can respond quickly.

Title bodyzone flat channels
Content If you purchase it monthly, you can watch it any number of times during the month when it is purchased.

Conventionally it is WMV, but as of July 2020 it is MP4 so that it can be seen on almost all terminals.
Also, from August 2020, it will be an MP4 file that can be viewed on all devices.
You can also see it on iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

All the works available for general viewing that are available for viewing are covered, but the same size products or works that are sold separately are duplicated and may not be included.

In addition, unedited items that are not available for general sale and unpublished works that are excluded from general sale are also uploaded to the flat-rate channel.

In addition to credit cards, you can also register with Bitocash (EX).
Items 490 (You can see the accessible items from
First special price 30000 JPY * Only the first payment 30000JPY.It is the normal price in JPY 4500 from next time payment.


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The merits of Monthly Subscription services

The merits of Monthly Subscription services
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