■About privacy policy■
"The privacy policy specifies the way any personal information obtained as a result of using the XCREAM service will be handled (management company: CREAM, Ltd.)."

■About collection of personal information■

"XCREAM basically obtains following customer information in providing its service. The following is just an example, and therefore some of the content may not correspond to personal information."

1. Information provided by customers
"All the information provided to XCREAM by customers such as names, addresses, telephone numbers (including mobile phone and fax numbers), e-mail addresses, mobile phone e-mail addresses, company names, organization names, department names, positions, location of work places, other contact information, nicknames, dates of birth, sex, credit card information, etc."

2. Information obtained from use of the service
"- Information on trading history used to allow customers to be identified when they reserve or purchase products, apply for presents, or any other type of trading provided by XCREAM or other service providers."
- Information on mail magazine or other subscriptions made available by XCREAM
- Information on acquisition of points issued by XCREAM
"- Information on comments or descriptions supplied by customer when they question XCREAM or other service providers or use in questionnaires, campaigns, and on bulletin boards to evaluate the service and products etc. by means of telephone, e-mail, or other."

3. Information automatically obtained with access
- Information used to identify IP addresses and mobile terminal models used to connect the customer's PC to the Internet
"- Information on the customer's type of browser and its version, operating system, or platform etc. and the page (URL) and date that the customer viewed it and any products displayed or searched for via the XCREAM website"
- In addition to the above information that is automatically collected and stored when a customer uses a service such as accessing information obtained by cookies and other technology

■About purpose of use■

"XCREAM shall only use any personal customer information obtained by XCREAM for the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as ""purpose of use"")."

1. When the customer uses the service as a user of XCREAM:
- Automatic display of information used to identify a customer before and after logging in as a registered user of the XCREAM service

2. In accomplishing the business provided by XCREAM
"- Payments, responses to customer inquiries and those from XCREAM to customers, related after-sales service, and other necessary business in accomplishing the trading when a customer reserves or purchases a product, applies for a present, or other provided by XCREAM or service providers."

3. Advertising and marketing of XCREAM
- Information provision such as various mail magazines for customers
"- Provision of information on services by e-mail, postal mail, telephone, etc. "
"- To provide more personalized content and advertisements through personal attributes such as a customer's sex, age, hobbies, and preferences and/or purchase history and viewing history of the XCREAM website"
- To develop new services and improve the existing service by analyzing customer usage
"- To communicate to customers in relation to opinions and information exchange through questionnaires, campaigns, and bulletin boards "

4. Response to customers' inquiry
"- Responses to inquiries made by customers via e-mail, postal mail, telephone, etc."

5. Other incidental cases
- Necessary in the service provision of XCREAM in addition to 1 to 4 above

6. Provision to service providers
- Provision of personal information to service providers in accordance with ■About handling of personal information■

■About handling of personal information■

XCREAM shall handle personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.
XCREAM shall only share a customers' personal data within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

- Personal data that is shared is the same as in ■About collection of personal information■.
- The purpose of shared use is the same as ■About purpose of use■.
"- The management representative for shared use is CREAM, Ltd."

"XCREAM shall only provide personal data on customers to service providers within the range necessary in trading when the customer reserves or purchases a product, applies for a present or any other type of trade with the service provider. Any personal data provided in this manner shall be managed by the service provider. The service provider shall only use personal data to provide information through mail magazines for customers they have made a purchase, analyze the purchase trends of customers, and improve the overall business management of the service provider in addition to accomplishing trade. XCREAM shall oblige the service provider to comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and handle personal information with consideration to a customers' privacy as outlined by our regulations. However, compliance by the service provider cannot be guaranteed. For more information contact the service provider."

- Personal data provided to the service provider by XCREAM is the same as ■About collection of personal information■.
"- The method of provision shall be part of the system that XCREAM use s to manage, electronic media such as CD-ROMs, and analog media such as documents etc."
- To request the provision of personal information be ceased to service providers follow the procedure in ■About confirmation of obtained personal data■.

■Accuracy and safety of content of data■

XCREAM may request cooperation in verifying the accuracy and applicability of a customers' personal data.
"XCREAM uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent any important information entered such as credit card numbers from being intercepted, interfered with, or falsified as security."

■About confirmation of obtained personal data■

"Customers can follow the following procedure with their personal data on the XCREAM website: (1) Confirmation, (2) Modification, addition, or deletion, (3) Cessation of use, and (4) Cessation of provision to service providers (hereinafter referred to as ""confirmation etc.""."

"Stored personal data on customers that cannot be confirmed etc. with the methods requiring confirmation, etc. in accordance with the procedure specified by XCREAM may entail a handling charge specified by XCREAM. In this case a handling charge specified by XCREAM may be applicable. XCREAM may not agree any requests for confirmation etc. if reason is specified in the Personal Information Protection Law."

"Due to the nature of the data requests for personal information to be deleted may not be possible. In this case, however, XCREAM will meet the request by ceasing use of information by and its provision to service providers."

Customers may not be able to use all or part of services if XCREAM has met a request in ceasing use by and its provision to service providers.

"XCREAM reserves the right to store backup data for use in the case of data being deleted in a computer crash, or because of force majeure, and/or human error. Due to its nature the backup data cannot be identified."

We consider customers to have agreed with ■About confirmation of obtained personal data■ if using the XCREAM service.

The handling may differ to the above due to any regulations in the Personal Information Protection Law.


XCREAM welcomes your opinions on and review of the privacy policy.
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