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The merits of Monthly Subscription services

・This is an unlimited monthly products viewing service and with a fixed monthly fee.
・It is more advantageous than purchased separately so it's perfect for those who want to see the many products!!
* The number of products viewed and the monthly price may vary according to the monthly products sold.
・The viewing is free 30 days after the you joined!
・After 30 days, the renewal procedure is automatic and simple.
・You can always enjoy new products because they are always added.

About Monthly Subscription services

Monthly products are available for use for 30 days.
Your contract is automatically renewed until you request a contract cancellation (you are billed for the monthly payment every 30 days).
To stop using our monthly products, you can request a contract cancellation from your shop purchase history up to the day before your next billing date (your subscription date or 30 days after your previous billing date).
Once you have completed cancellation of your monthly service or when the product is no longer being distributed, you will automatically be unable to view or play any downloaded files.

Shopping guide

From the monthly subscription sale page, after logging in using an XCREAM account, click the purchase button and enter your credit card information and other details on the purchase screen.
You can purchase.


Payment of Monthly Subscription services can use credit card only.

How to cancel the monthly subscription services

To cancel your subscription, click "Cancel subscription" at the bottom of the monthly subscriber user page to carry out the cancellation process.
・After cancellation, you can make use of the monthly subscription up until the expiration date.
・Even after cancellation of the monthly subscription, XCREAM membership registration will not be canceled.

Q. The password has been forgotten.

A. Please input only the registered mail address on the following pages and push the reissue button when you forget the password.
A new password reaches by mail.
※Please copy it when the password is long.


Q. license error

A. The license is reissued.

Please contact XCREAM
XCREAM Support

Q. The credit card cannot be used.

A. The free email of cannot be used.
Please apply in the mail addresses other than

To prevent the card abuse at on-line processing, the security code was introduced.

It is a figure of three digits (Or, four digits) printed on the back side of the credit card.
- To prevent the card abuse at on-line processing

What is the security code?

Please settle credit by the above-mentioned method.

It might be a credit card that cannot use your credit card that cannot be used in Japan.

Please try with other credit cards.

Q. It is not possible to download it.

A. Please test the following method.

・The firewall etc. are effective.

File might not be able to be downloaded normally with the personal computer that installs the anti-virus software and the firewall, etc.
Please temporarily stop the firewall or test download again after completely ending software when you use these security software.

・Free space shortage of drive

Download stops on the way, and when there is no free space enough for the drive at the download destination,
the copy of the file cannot be completed from the folder of the temporary file and it is likely to stop.

・Speed shortage of line

Speed shortage becomes unstable, and the probability of failing in download rises when the speed of the line is not enough.

If it is not a broadband environment, it is not possible to download it.

Please download it by the broadband environment.

Q. It keeps asking me for password details when I try to play the video.

A. Please input the password of XCREAM when reproducing.

Q. Windows Media Player Support

A. On the following pages
Please confirm the setting of Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player Support

Page of security update

Q. I want to buy DVDs

A. DVD is not sold, it is not possible to send it.
It is because it is a download shopping mall.

Q. I want to secede.

A. The deletion is possible.

Is it good though it becomes impossible to download the purchase commodity again?

Please contact the registered information deletion XCREAM.

XCREAM Support

Q. How do I make a purchase?

A. Press the [Place in cart] button when you find a product you wish to purchase . Press the [Check out] button when you have finished shopping. Next enter the name, e-mail address, and credit card number used to make the purchase.

Q. Is a player needed for the file?

A. Yes. Windows Media Player 9 or later is needed to play a file.Here is the free download site. Download it if you do not have it installed on your PC.

Q. I have a Macintosh. Is it supported?

A. We do not support Macintosh. Purchase and download with a Windows machine.

Q. Can I transfer any music I have purchased to a portable player?

A. The shop selling the content sets the number of times it can be transferred to portable players. Please verify that in advance. It will be possible if the portable player supports WMA files.

Q. Can I burn the purchased music to a CD-ROM?

A. The shop selling the content sets the number of times it can be copied to CD-ROM. Please verify that with the relevant shop. In many cases it can be copied to CD-ROM several times.

Q. Handling charge of 30 yen if the total amount is 100 yen or less.

A. Handling charge of 30 yen applicable if the total purchase amount is 99 yen or less. Please make purchases of at least 100 yen if possible.

Q. What does re-downloading involve?

A. Any purchased content can be downloaded up to three times a year. Re-download something if your PC has crashed or you have purchased a new PC. Of course the content is free of charge for that time.

Q. What company charges for the purchase with a credit card?

A. "XCREAM" will be listed on your credit card statement XCREAM acts in the payment to the relevant shop. We are directly responsible for making payments to the relevant shop.

Q. Can I still use purchased content if the shop that I purchased it from has withdrawn from XCREAM?

A. You will still be able to play any content purchased prior to a shop withdrawing from XCREAM. Naturally re-downloading is also available, and thus a worry free service.

Q. A purchased content download has frozen.

A. Download the content again from scratch. Ensure to overwrite the filename if it already exists.

Q. Windows Media Player does not open.

A. It may not open if it does not run well with some CD writing software. Refer to the website of the developer and seller as installing the latest update program provided by the developer or seller may solve the issue.
Turn the firewall off and verify whether play is available since the firewall or router setting can interrupt playing.

Q. The downloaded file plays frame-by-frame.

A. Try the following countermeasures.
1. Defragment the hard disk.
2. Reboot the PC.
3. Update the video driver version.
4. Increase the amount of available video memory.
5. Replace the hard disk with one of higher speed.



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