Rush co., Ltd.

<font color="#cc0000">It fetish manufacturer of <b>rush</b> .

RASH's work can be divided into five labels.
Semen gokkun's <b>Junk shop</b> and <b>jizz honpo</b> .
And the slut's <b>bizarre Haus</b> femdom tease M man in vomit and excrement.
<b>Fluid honpo</b> is further obsessed with bodily fluids adhesive quality.

SM and fetish <b>bizarre style</b> .
Geeky things to make thorough and important, it is the RASH policies.
Aims to come in the future, and commercialism, long-loved manufacturers.

Your patronage wait than the mind.
<font color="#cc0000"><b>NEW! 11 / 1 part was price review!

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Violence is sexy

Violence is sexy

Rush co., Ltd.