Presiding over AV writer Yamamoto Tora gave birth in 1989, a unique production group Tokyo undercover Club is changing 'TF-CLUB' with the name in 1992, will have been moved into indie AV activities. Meanwhile, maniac works, such as country weekly (legs, pantyhose), "Abu-perfect' (exposure, scat) and sent to the 2010 bordering on to an authentic renewal.
In addition to the genre until now, FACESITTING and femdom bullies of the world, also entered in the genre of akiba, Unicos.

Now cut a new start as a 'dvdrip' label.
That is so much different now from new TF-CLUB (Tokyo undercover Club) I'm in XCREAM go first, sold as "TF-CLUB Premium" past shelved and unedited works.


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