Want is stepped into uniform girls!

Our label 3 series!
Hard crash series
10 cm in length across the giant Toad, tree frogs and crayfish be trampled by women shoes!
By the soles of sneakers, dirty, women's boots, pumps, loafers, too brutal whitedog number!

Crash mania for hard crush series became attitude odd crashes!
[Accidentally crash series]
Crayfish live near the Brook snail in the rain creeps out in the streets. Women who go on foot without noticing snails or crayfish and trampling!
And do nothing to walk away!
Be left after the flattened crumple in soles of women, only a horrible dead!

This series is collection of such accidental crash scene.
[Drei trample man-series]
Face to be trampled by women shoes! Food was trampled by the boots and loafers to devour!
People are simply women Chew and spit, saliva covered with food! The series reflects the sadistic to a man like Dray as!


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