====================== ==================== Basic Terms

Cream Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company.) On the Internet
Attached servers (hereinafter referred to as our server) is used,
XCREAM services (hereinafter referred to as this service) on the occasion,
The following presents the basic terms used. You can agree to the Terms and Conditions
Prohibits the use of this service or who do not violate.
-------------------------------------------------- ------

Our people to access the server, the following basic terms
Must be agreed to. The Company follows the basic conventions
Valid only for this service and agreed to, the Company owned
Allows browsing and buying content or management.

Article 1: I can not access this site, video, audio
To access the site, including the purchase of digital data
Understand that. Also, about this service
For all my actions, have full responsibility for this site
Administrators, authors, owners, service providers
Content holders for the copyright holder, any responsibility
Pledge to ask.

I Article 2, the content related to various tastes by law, the transmission
Receiving, viewing, delivery, distribution, downloads, streaming
Area that has not been banned, or have resided in the State,
I, law, legislation or practices in violation of local rules
If you understand and thereby entitled to legal punishment

I am content to accept these various preferences related to
Accordingly, in my own living in the region, to different tastes
Familiar with the accepted standards of tolerance associated himself
In the decision, to have access to this site
The contents of the various preferences and more accepted within the normal range
Yes, immoral content of these various preferences
Must pledge to conduct such an incentive.

Article 3 I, here, I personally, including government officials, or
And more by my own, unauthorized downloading, or
Unauthorized duplication, etc. If you made of the content contained on this site
Case, they are caused by my actions, all positive
Direct, indirect, indirect or consequential, income, assets
The loss of damage, litigation, political seizure imposed to prohibit
Damage caused by stop order, or other penalties associated with them, all
In it for damage, and a full guarantee as an individual
You agree to file.

I have pictures available on this site, photos, audio,
Text, and other topics, all of you my personal
Is only intended for, resale, sharing, electronic
, Send, mail and other purposes, and any other way
Not be used for purposes other than for personal use
I agree to.

======================= ================= XCREAM Membership Agreement

By this service to apply for your membership
You become a member, to be bound by this Membership Agreement
Be. This time our membership agreement by the service
May be changed at any time, modify this page
Like to be notified by e-mail notification or members as appropriate to message
Will be enabled by file.

Article 1 Member, content that is sold in our service
If you purchased a "purchase price" specified by the members themselves
Approach has the responsibility to pay promptly.

(1) Service is a service our members, "Password"
Have a set time, and will match the start of service

(2) attachment of an e-mail except by negligence of the Company
Product purchase price payable by the lost members
Are not exempt.

Article 2 Members of the payment of the purchase price set forth separately, Clement
If you choose to pay by credit card, the following
Assume that the terms of the agreement.

(2) persons to become members and, in any case,
The credit card has a name other than your own
Sign up for our services is not.

(2), regardless of your own willful negligence, your own name
Other than having a credit card, the benefits of our services
If you found out for, credit card companies, credit card companies on behalf of
Company, card holder, the service provider
Including for any damages from third parties, there
It is your responsibility to ensure this is thy own.

(3) As a member, if you use this service to receive
The actual name change, etc., credit card loss, theft, or
Is like using an illegal card number or ID and password.
Apparent security breach involving credit cards
Changing the mode will expire must be reported promptly

(4) credit card fraud, including the payment of the purchase price per
Network was used to pay for any services from the company
A credit card, without any evidence lost, stolen, or
We swear that you do not report abuse.
Using the card is lost or stolen, or Company
And even if you received services from or
Use the card to the clause is illegal under the supervision of a person in your
If you, if there is outstanding balance to us and our
In contrast, this unconditional money to pay our bill payment to
And agree to. Payments are specified in this paragraph
Compensation for the period agreed in the contract, the conditions
Promise to compete with any other party for breach of warranty

Article 3 of the membership payment of the purchase price set forth separately
If you choose to pay with points, each of the following terms
And then agreed.

(1) purchasing a prepaid card issued by Member Company
Depending on the introduction and purchase of content and points gained by
Points obtained as the product is available when purchasing.

(3) The Company acquired two years from the date of purchase points or
And shall be preserved. If the past two years, members
Waive rights and points
Points can be disabled at our discretion

Your membership, or anyone other than Article 4
Organizations not sell, others also ID and password
Must ensure that it does not share. This
If you breach, damages for expenses incurred from the Company
If you are a claim on our consultation with users and
We will be doing so will respond to it.
Liability for payment is specified in this paragraph,
Agreed in this contract period, conditions, undertakings, and compensation
Violation does not conflict with any other party.

Article 5 Members, based on the current billing period of this service
You must pay the purchase price.

Article 6 members, view the contents contained in this service, reading,
Listen, can arise from any illegal downloading
Agree to assume full responsibility for events that occur

Line services and materials used fraud contained in Article 7 of this
Against the Company arising from any legal obstacle for
Has any liability, cause a lawsuit against us again
To ensure that.

System hardware and software up regular Section 8
Grade, and we deliberately rebuilding the system, such as
Ru those defects or equipment, bases, conflict management system?
Loss, strikes or natural disasters including, and this
Not only these, beyond someone's control factors that cause
Ru interference, to stop, we are liable.

Article 9 Membership, "internet" or any widespread community
I can not predict the application network by a factor
That might not fall into a state controlled by

Articles that appeared in Article 10 of this service is for personal use
Has been, is intended for non-commercial members. Some
Except for the general domain material and electronic messages, limited
Any material that is used to service our company, or
The company owns the rights we have contracted, even before our
What is it without the consent in writing is clearly a written contract or this
Unless you are saying, copied in part or in whole,
Redistribution is prohibited or download.

Article 11 Agreement by the Company, additional members that the changes are made
Is accepted. For our members, contract changes
If there are additional measures such as using e-mail
Will notify members of changes and additions this Agreement, this pair
The effect of the messages have changed.

This Agreement and Article 12, other electronic text that is stored in this server
If there are errors such as duplicate content and write conflicts are
Priority is given to this Agreement. This is for members

Article 13 Governing Law
The formation, validity, interpretation, and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
However, if the system processing is performed via Bulgaria, the laws of Bulgaria shall apply.
In addition, https://www.xcream.net/'s payment transaction services through Bulgaria shall be provided by T2ECOM EU EOOD.
(Please note: T2 ECOM EU EOOD is the primary contact for all issues related to transactions through Bulgaria (e.g. chargebacks, refunds, cancellations, etc.).
T2ECOM EU EOOD Sredets region, 19 Vitosha Blvd, 1st Floor Sofia Bulgaria 1000

Article 14 Miscellaneous
When using a credit card for online payment, the name of the payment service provider with which the shop is affiliated may appear in the "Name of Shop" column of the credit card statement.
In addition, the "Shop Name + Phone Number" (UG*T2Ecom0362309540) may be displayed instead of the name of the payment service provider.

Membership Application for Cancellation and Withdrawal methods:

How to unsubscribe
E-mail, by FAX, such as telephone, e-mail address during registration
Informs us, after we sent you a confirmation email at will unsubscribe.

Upon withdrawal responsibility
Obligation to pay such fees when you withdraw, but you have purchased
Points earned right to re-download the product and not be lost

You read and understand all of the above terms and conditions herein, the terms that
The agreement, pledge to use our services.
This convention is written in advance in writing and use of the service, the oral
Is intended to omit the understanding between our members and
Includes a general consensus. Unless otherwise stated, this contract will continue

XCREAM Membership Agreement====================