In spite of the obvious did not write anywhere from mediocre to elite for studying art

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Hi, it is Koji Nagata.
Was taking this report to thank.
This report is distributed to students when I had directed group class at preparatory school.
Students at that time was a junior high school student, as you can see, they wrote.
But from many teens now I would understand advanced content, as such addition to advanced knowledge.
Is being written by the junior high school student report is applicable examination for high school and university entrance examinations, including 10 minutes.
Is the only focused on basic studies and summarize I in that triggers the students as adults who enjoy and return to origin.
Also, educators who can then reference report fully proud.
A tangled theory-side teaching and professional learning in humans from once again taken for granted, said.
Content of this finished as a simple way would be to anyone this is why not only wrote only the Basic.

Hope make first to help you read help many others, wish you above all. More ) ( report internationally

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