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Genre: Snowboard
Dealers: IST Pictures

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1050JPY (Including tax)
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File List:無期限視聴

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mp4 1,800kbps
1 hour, 9 minute, 34 seconds

Product Information

Snowboard fun is high?
A lot to turn? Can slide well? 
It's not that slipped, fell and suck air and beautiful scenery?
And you smile always.
Snowboarding "BROCCOLI" think of it.

And snowboarding vitamin is filled with broccoli delivered direct from the farm.

But newly joined members from Ishikawa Atsushi's comment this, I think broccoli is something like the current version of the video like tells the fun of snowboarding was in old times. Ueda ユキエプロ preview / CPM rider: Noritaka Ōta, Jun kamata, t. Konishi, Atsushi Ishikawa, horio munehiro, Omori, Hiroki, Kenji Ando, Yamamoto true height, main approximately 35 minutes footage