Aoi Kururugi - Smell of Her Erotic Long Tongue and Spit Part 2

Series: 枢木あおい
Dealers: Tongue ベロマスター
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 18分21秒

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Product Information

[Tongue Fetish Spit Fetish] Aoi Kururugi's Erotic Long Tongue / Spit / Mouth Smell Proficiency Course 1
This is a sequel to (ton-221-3).

Spit belo fetish / smell fetish
More perverted play for you!

This time Aoi-chan's
Tongue coating, saliva, breath, lips, etc.
All kinds of odors in your mouth
To sniff
It is the most luxurious play.

This scene is
I didn't tell you what to do in advance, so
You can see the reaction of the girl.

On a slimy erotic tongue
Press your nose

Spit on the tongue
You can suck it in your nostrils,

Tongue coating sc****d off with a tongue brush
Kunka Kunka

Open your mouth wide
Take a breath
I got a chance

I smell the smell of my mouth.

Let me touch the tongue

The hand that touched the tongue,
Maskman who sniffs luxuriously! !!

I envy you! !!

Request the smell of the back of the tongue! !! !!

it's the best! !! !! !!

De metamorphosis mask man,
It looks like Aoi can't hide her excitement from her naughty smell! !!

Moreover! Moreover! !!
In tongue tongue cleaning,
Surround the tongue dirt! !!

To the pure white tongue base
Excited Maskman.

Attached to the tongue brush
Smell the white tongue
Maskman is overjoyed!

Jealous! !!
Such a cute ****
To sniff the tongue
Irresistible anymore! !!

The smell of the buttocks, the smell of armpits, etc.
Make a request **** ****

Luxuriously, have them hang down aside
Suck the smell to your heart's content! !!

Too perverted!

Aoi-chan's bad smell
Maskman who fully enjoyed it.

At the end, to the fully open tongue
While rubbing my nose
Squeeze the cock
The best ejaculation!

While imagining a very nice smell
Blissful masturbation time
Please spend your time.


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