Strong ○ Lesbian Mouth Fuck Training Mouth F ○ cking Training for Female Sub

Star: Mistress Youko Mei 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 16分40秒

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Queen Youkai teaches the significance of her existence while violating Mei's mouth many times with a strap-on dildo. The mouth of the masochist ○ is a hole used by the queen to satisfy her, and no matter how much she drools, she must be pleased to use it. At the end was Mei of Kuchima x Ko guy ○ who was allowed to suck the Queen's penis and feel the climax while leaking urine.
Queen Youko speaks both Japanese and English in this video.

Mouth F ○ cking Training for Female sub ft Mei
Mistress Youko trains her female Japanese sub Mei by fucking her mouth mercilessly. The Mistress doesn't stop pounding her mouth no matter how the sub gags and retches. while she sucks the Mistress's strap-on. Mistress Youko speaks both English and Japanese in this video.