BATI-BATI 37 5 OBA Takahiro vs Kengo Mashimo [FU-TEN BBS B37-5]

Product number: FU-TEN BBS B37-5
Series: バチバチ
Star: 大場貴弘 真霜拳號
Playback time: 15分43秒
Dealers: BATI-BATI stream
ファイル: mp4
再生時間: 16分22秒

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[BATI-BATI 37 ¦ last match ¦ OBA Takahiro vs Kengo Mashimo] shutters 37 main “ shutters Gorilla ” Takahiro OBA (wind heaven) and Kengo Mashimo ( K-DOJO ) jousting! OBA is the kabane are can find impenetrable 真霜 against? ( Journal: 6/27/2010 Kanagawa-lazona Kawasaki プラザソル ) ※ shutters-30 rule a single-throw

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