BATI-BATI 37 full game pack [FU-TEN BBS B37-0]

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[BATI-BATI 37 full game pack] main event was achieved last me a touch judge "shutters 36" the meeting, was deeply impressed by OBA Takahiro to appeal directly after the game. Ohba Takahiro vs Kengo Mashimo, shutters Wonderland forward into the future and current progressive! ( Journal: 6/27/2010 プラザソル lazona Kawasaki, Kanagawa ) «recorded game» Takeshi Ono, the third game the second game the first game, Ikeda Daisuke vs white Moriyama, Kimura, Koichiro vs Okubo Kazuki, and shutters 30 minute rule, sekine Ryuichi vs バラモンシュウ and バラモンケイ the last game, the 4th game] スルガマナブ vs bridge Makoto OBA Takahiro vs 真霜 fist, ※ all five matches a single-throw

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