Imprinting All My Scents [youkosm-066]

Product number: youkosm-066
Star: 妖湖女王様 Mistress Youko 妖湖
Dealers: Mistress Youko-Ism
File: mp4
Replay time: 28 minute, 32 seconds

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Product Information

Today, Mistress Youko trains you with her body scents. She wants to imprint all her scents on your mind strongly. First of all, she wants you to smell her sweaty pantyhosed feet. Inhale the wonderful foot scent. Secondly, She wants you to remember her hairy armpit scent. She knows you fantasize about her divine hairy armpit.
Nuzzle against her moist hairy armpit and remember the gorgeous scent. The Mistress knows once you know her aromatic scent you can never get hard without it. Finally, The Mistress allows you to smell her unwashed holy asshole. The generous Mistress gives you permission to stroke your cock while you are sniffing the fragrant asshole. Whenever you masturbate, You will crave the Mistress and her scents. You will be totally addicted to it.

Mistress Youko addresses you in both English and Japanese in this clip.