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[Giant Girl] The huge race queen's stress relief is a small town! ? [Tsubasa Hachino & Shiori Kuraki]


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Product Information

To you who like huge daughters.

I want to be trampled by a huge woman!
I want to be licked by a huge woman !!
I want to be swallowed by a huge woman !!!

To you
made by a giantess favorite hentai director,
We will send you the ideal giant girl video! !

Attractive beauty and cute girl.
4K-compatible high image quality that clearly shows the soles and mouth.
Mouth, mouth, tongue, saliva, teeth, swallow, bite, foot, buttocks,
A genuine fetish video produced by the director who loves everything.

Unique to Fetish Master
Exit with Don Pischa
It is a huge girl video! !

The huge girl who came this time is
This is "Tsubasa Hachino & Shiori Kuraki"!

As a goddess of the circuit, RQ usually smiles.
Contrary to that smile, he used stress-free towns at night to relieve stress.
You can trample the building with heels,
Wear heels for a long time and rub your stuffy feet against the dwarfs and the city
It was to replace the deodorant. .. ..

・ Is a dwarf a deodorant for a giant girl? [Foot fetish] (4 minutes 56 seconds)
Two giant race queens appearing in the city.
In the hot sun, the feet of the two people who had been working on heels for a long time,
It was extremely damp ...

Picking up a dwarf from the city,
Drop it into the heel you were wearing.

And I put on a heel with a dwarf inside ...

"Oh? It might have collapsed."
"But this got rid of the smell!"
They were two people who did not care that the dwarf was crushed ...

The two who noticed that there are many dwarfs in the shopping mall,
Peel off the roof and put bare feet in it.

Mr. Tsubasa who tramples many dwarfs.

"The sound that a dwarf is crushing is amazing."
"I'm sorry for being stepped on by this damp foot."

"But my feet were so refreshing"

Mr. Tsubasa who trampled many dwarfs with steamy feet,
It was very satisfying ...

Ms. Tsubasa saw Mr. Tsubasa trampling a dwarf.
Now I'll start looking for a dwarf to refresh my legs.

To find the dwarf early, he unknowingly pushes away the disturbing building.

Then, when you catch a dwarf, it will be caught between your toes.

It caused the toes to swell and squeeze the dwarfs ...

・ Cross over the dwarfs? ! (2 minutes 25 seconds)
A tank that was dispatched to protect the public.
In front of the tank, Shiori gathers the dwarfs in one place.

Seeing the dwarfs gathered,
Tsubasa picks the tank and runs it towards the dwarf.

To Shiori-san, who says, "It's going to be really terrible."
Tsubasa hands over the remaining tanks.

Then Shiori laughed
I rushed to hit the dwarf ...

・ Two people destroy the entire building? ! (2 minutes 25 seconds)
Two people found a building that was still in town.
Shiori picks up the building and begins to shake violently.

Mr. Shiori listens to the building he kept shaking.
"Is it getting quieter ...?"

The building where the voice of a dwarf can no longer be heard,
It was crushed by two people ...

・ Mega-sized race queen [saliva fetish]
Two people who became even bigger.

I will hold a tall building.

Hit your foot against a skysc****r that is lower than your heels,
At the end, I spit and made the whole city covered with saliva ...


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This is a message for you who love huge girls.

In the mouth, biting and tooth fetish master,
I'm doing email with Twitter.

"I got out of here!"
"This play was good!"
"I want you to do more here!"
We look forward to your opinions and impressions of this video!

"I want to see this situation!"
"I want to see this play!"
"I want you to come out with ○○ -san / chan!"
Please send us requests and more!

Based on your opinions, impressions and requests,
Get out to the best! Giant daughter videos
I will make it, so
Thank you in advance (^ ▽ ^) /



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