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[Giant daughter] Two giant bikini women summoned! The city is destroyed to fulfill the perverted desire! ? (Part 2) [Tsubasa Hachino & Shiori Kuraki]


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Product Information

To you who like huge daughters.

I want to be trampled by a huge woman!
I want to be licked by a huge woman !!
I want to be swallowed by a huge woman !!!

To you
made by a giantess favorite hentai director,
We will send you the ideal giant girl video! !

Attractive beauty and cute girl.
4K-compatible high image quality that clearly shows the soles and mouth.
Mouth, mouth, tongue, saliva, teeth, swallow, bite, foot, buttocks,
A genuine fetish video produced by the director who loves everything.

Unique to Fetish Master
Exit with Don Pischa
It is a huge girl video! !

The huge girl who came this time is
This is "Tsubasa Hachino & Shiori Kuraki"!

"I want a huge woman to overrun the city ...!"
By a certain transformation desire,
Two giant bikini women were summoned ...!

The two giant women are looking for the summoned Lord,
It overruns the town as the metamorphosis wants.

・ What is the fate of the tank facing the giant girl ...? [Fetish in mouth] (5 minutes 3 seconds)
Tank corps dispatched to protect the city.

In front of the tank,
The two giants are not scared
"Can't you kill a giant with this?"
I picked it up ...

And picked up the tank
Two people put in the mouth.

The two broke their barrels while holding a tank,
I will destroy the tank as I want.

Mr. Tsubasa disassembled the tank by hand.

Shiori tries to crush it.

The tank that was bitten in the mouth,
Wrapped in Shiori's saliva, the whole is in a coating state ...

And the two destroyed the destroyed tank,
Let me know what happens when you face your teeth
I threw it at the remaining tank corps ...

・ A huge girl biting a building [Fetish with mouth / bite] (2:23)
Two people find an apartment where a dwarf is hiding.

When you say "Do you want to go with each building?"
The two run into the apartment.

A roof that is torn off by a strong bite ****.

Furthermore, if you pull the apartment off the ground while biting,
They were tearing the building while biting the building ...

The apartment barely kept its original shape despite being torn apart by the two.
However, they slammed their hands and they were completely destroyed.

・ Is the tank a toy? ! (3 minutes 10 seconds)
Two people who found the remnants of the tank corps.
When they pick up a tank, they play with it like a toy.

Two people playing by running on their bodies.
The tank that protects the citizens becomes a toy for the two.

And at the end, they were destroyed by their hands. .. ..

・ Rubbing a dwarf against the nipple ...
Two people noticed that there were many dwarfs in the building and were running away.

Picking up a dwarf from the inside,
I will rub it on the nipple as it is.

Two people rubbing a dwarf against the nipple that can be seen from the top of the swimsuit.
"It's getting hard ..."

When they shift their swimwear, they put a dwarf on their nipples.

A dwarf who is desperately caught by a nipple that rubs a dwarf and feels good.
The two were intoxicated by the size feeling of a dwarf who was less than a areola. .. ..

The above is the content of this video.
What it actually looks like
Please check the sample video.

And even if it gets a little bit,
By all means in the main video
Tsubasa and Toriori's huge daughter play,
Enjoy a lot! !


Be sure to check out other scenes as well.

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This is a message for you who love huge girls.

In the mouth, biting and tooth fetish master,
I'm doing email with Twitter.

"I got out of here!"
"This play was good!"
"I want you to do more here!"
We look forward to your opinions and impressions of this video!

"I want to see this situation!"
"I want to see this play!"
"I want you to come out with ○○ -san / chan!"
Please send us requests and more!

Based on your opinions, impressions and requests,
Get out to the best! Giant daughter videos
I will make it, so
Thank you in advance (^ ▽ ^) /



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