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Tsubasa & Shiori-Double Face Nose Licking 1 of 3


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Product Information

* The price is higher than usual, but
The blame for two people + the fetish play for two people + the length is doubled
I hope you can fully enjoy the volume!

The one who came this time is
In the erotic long tongue series
It has been highly acclaimed
The best erotic beauty actress
With Tsubasa Hachino,
Kuraki Shiori-chan! !

Erotic long tongue series
Because it was very popular,
To double blame series
We have received many requests,
This time at Tongue Bello Master
The best collaboration has been realized!

The desires of each day
I'm making a request, so
For each pervert
The content of fetish play is different.

But not one person left
Feeling the highest
I was made to ejaculate ...

This video is
Play the first or second player
It is recorded.

First of all,
"Velo fully open pressing face licking course"

To two beautiful women
From the left and right
Sandwich licking face
start! ! !

The two tortoises,
On the right and left cheeks
I will massage ...

If the tongue passes near the nose,
Overflowing from two beauties
Bad breath & odor
Stimulates the nose! !

Also on Hentai-kun's face
I can't help but smile.

Hentai-kun, who can't get enough of his cheeks.
Put your tongue on your nose
I'm craving for you to push it!

"I can't help it"

Just without saying, without resting my tongue at all
Hentai-kun's nose
From the left and right with the best tongue
Two people will blame you!

From the chin to the two
Through nose to forehead
You can lick it firmly,
Have an ecstatic expression

When the tongue passes through the nose,
Saliva on the tongue,
And luxurious breath
I will suck it up! !

When my face was completely covered with saliva,
Start lying down!
The torture between the two tongue licking
I can't stop! !

Hentai-kun's face
Even this
With two long to very thick tongue
I will commit licking.

Licking from the left Shiori-chan
The viscosity of saliva is very high,
From the tongue each time you lick
Bellow and saliva ...

Tsubasa who attacks from the right
Firmly put the tongue in the nostril
Press it! ! !

Two people's breath
Double licking
Another word of masterpiece! ! !

The spit of two beautiful women in the face
It's already too much.

Irresistible myself
Squeeze the cock

At the end, two people at the same time
Press the tongue tongue against your nose
While receiving
With the feel of Vello and the smell
I got fucked while being fucked.

And the second person.
This is Hentai-kun
Request "Spitting course".

Before the start, to Shiori-chan,
"Our spit is muddy
But it ’s okay? "
Tsubasa is
"Don't hesitate, two people
I'll make it muddy. ''
Declare with enthusiasm! !

First, from Shiori-chan ...

"Ohhhhhhhhh !!!"

And spit out from the back of my throat
Bukkake on face.

Then Tsubasa-chan ...

It was accumulated in my mouth
A lot of bubbling spit is Hentai-kun
Just meet on the face! !

One person alone is in agony,
This time we have two people so we need to be in agony! ! !

And both of them
"Kurp!" Of "Kuruppe"
It's too intense ...!
It ’s so cute
It's too dangerous !!

And from here on, as stated earlier
Alternating rain of sputum
Hentai-kun's face
I will vomit.

Two of them in no time
It was crunchy and warm
My face is muddy
Jealous! ! !

Of course, this is not the end.
Take out the tongue brush,
Tsubasa-chan and Shiori-chan.

Stuck to the tongue
Brush the tongue off with a brush,
Two people who carefully sc**** off.

A little tongue
Where you can get it
With spit in the mouth
Mix with Gucho Gucho ...

Two people at the same time
A large amount of spit metamorphosis
Bukkake on your face! !

Of course the face,
The upper half of the body is also spoiled by two people
Metamorphosis of the Flood.

Sc****d off with a tongue brush
Double belo
While bathing in the face
Squeeze yourself
I got it!

Everyone too
Of two dreamy beauties
Double spit &
In the play that you can smell
Imagine a bad smell
Please chew a lot!


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