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[Giant daughter] Attack of a giant nurse [Mizuki Yayoi]


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Product Information

[Giant daughter] Attack of a giant nurse [Mizuki Yayoi]

To you who like huge daughters.

I want to be trampled by a huge woman!
I want to be licked by a huge woman !!
I want to be swallowed by a huge woman !!!

To you
giantess loves hentai director,
We will send you the ideal giant daughter video! !!

Attractive beauty and cute girl.
4K-compatible high image quality that allows you to clearly see the soles and mouth.
Mouth, mouth, tongue, saliva, teeth, swallow, bite, foot, buttocks,
A genuine fetish video produced by a director who loves everything.

Unique to Fetish Master
Exit with Don Pischa
It is a huge girl video! !!

The huge girl who came this time is
Mizuki Yayoi is a nurse!

Mizuki who works as an angel in a white coat.
Due to overwork and stress
Appeared in the city as a giant fallen angel!

With the increase in size,
She has increased appetite and libido,
Patients who were nursing,
The hospital where I worked,
Furthermore, tank corps, Shinkansen,
Bill as an outlet for desires
I used it ...!

・ [Elimination of huge nurse's libido] [Salting fetish] (2 minutes 18 seconds)
Mizuki who appeared in front of the hospital in a huge figure.

Crouch down,
Spit a patient in front of the hospital.

"Let's break it"
If you touch the roof of the hospital,
With strong power
It strips off the roof.

Peel off the roof,
Looking inside a hospital full of dwarfs,
"There are a lot of dwarfs!"

The dwarf in the hospital
I will pick up.

"I felt horny when I saw a dwarf ..."

And the little man who was pinching
I will put it in my pants.

Furthermore, with the dwarf inside,
Rub your fingers.

Patients who have taken care of themselves until now,
For Mizuki who has become huge,
To meet libido
It was just a tool ...

・ [Elimination of giant nurse's appetite] [Fetish, swallowing fetish] (1 minute 52 seconds)
Mizuki who has satisfied her sexual desire.

Looking at the dwarfs who are still in the hospital,
Now I try to satisfy my appetite.

In front of the "feast"
Do not collect
It will be applied to the dwarf who is a treat.

As we also record footage from a dwarf perspective,
Come and feel like a "feast"
have fun.

"What does it taste like?"

The pinched dwarf
Lick it around to taste it.

If you just put it in your mouth
"It might have been delicious"
I will swallow it.

・ [Giant nurse's hospital destroys tank] [Fashion trampling / biting fetish] (5 minutes 32 seconds)
"I was happy, my stomach was filled,
You guys have already used it. "
If you say so,
The patient will trample the remaining hospital.

"The place I used to work has become so peppy"

I was trampled on the huge bare feet many times,
The hospital will be completely destroyed ....

Tank corps dispatched to protect the city.
When desperately attacking Giant Mizuki,
You will be picked up one by one.

"So you're attacking me?"
"That doesn't work at all."

"I'll do this."

Chew the main gun of the tank.

When you break the main gun with strong teeth,
"You guys, if you attack me, it'll be like this."
To make it look like another tank
I sprinkled with the wreckage of the gun ...

The destruction of fellow tanks
Even if you see it, the tank corps continues to attack hard.

"Something like a flea is flying away."
"I didn't tell you that I didn't say it."
I bought the anger of a huge nurse ...

"This kind of tank,
If I put it in my hand, I can do it. "
While saying so, I begin to open my chest.

"I will crush you here"

The tank I picked up was pinched by my chest ...

"I'll crush it with just my toes."

"This is a tank for Pechanko"

If you toy the tank with your toes,
Finally, release your toes on the surviving tank,
It was wiped out ...

・ [Giant nurse's attack on the Shinkansen] [Mouth / swallow fetish] (2 minutes 6 seconds)
To escape from the huge nurse that destroys the city,
Shinkansen that many people got on.

However, he gets caught by a huge nurse before he can escape ...

"You guys tried to escape with this little bullet train."

When you tear off the rear vehicle,
"I will drop it"
However, all passengers inside will be dropped.

Peeling off the roof of the remaining leading car,
"I ride a lot."
He said, "Hmm, I'll eat it all."

It was a long tongue that licked the passengers.

・ [Thorough destruction of the giant nurse town] [Crushing fetish] (1 minute 29 seconds)

Next to the destroyed hospital,
A post office that miraculously survived.

As hospitals, tanks and bullet trains are destroyed,
There were many citizens hoping that the giant nurse would pass by.

"Isn't everyone running into the post office?"
"I'm sorry you are trying to survive"

The post office was the last fortress of the citizens.
However, it was suddenly trampled ....

"You're in the way too"

The adjacent building also became a prey for the huge soles ....

"No, it feels good to be big."

The above is the content of this video.
How it actually looks
Please check the sample video.

And even if it gets a little bit,
By all means in the main video
Cute [actress name / lower name] [chan or san] 's huge daughter play,
Enjoy a lot! !!

I would like to inform you who love huge girls.

In the mouth, biting, tooth fetish master,
I'm doing email with Twitter.

"I got out of here!"
"This play was good!"
"I want you to do more here!"
We look forward to your opinions and impressions of this video!

"I want to see this situation!"
"I want to see this play!"
"I want you to come out with ○○!"
Please send us requests and more!

Based on your opinions, impressions and requests,
Get out to the best! Huge woman videos
I will make it, so
Thank you in advance (^ ▽ ^) /