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Tickling the sole of the foot Akane

Product number: SDL-189tk
Series: 足の裏くすぐり
Genre: Tickling torture
Dealers: Foot soles fetish Hotel さんじ

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TypeBest image qualityReplay time
mp4 5,350kbps
33 minute, 27 seconds

Product Information

This model is Akane-san.
The content of the video is tickling the soles, sides and sides.
Black stockings → bare feet → prone feet → prone sides and sides.

First of all, start with the stockings.
There is a declaration from "still okay" that says "it may not be possible" that is working too soon.
After that, he continued to call him "Oh haha yabai!"
We talked that it was not too weak, but it was too weak.

In barefoot tickling, you change tools and attack big feet.
You can see very good reactions with brushes, combs, grandchildren's hands, brushes and other tools.
Tickling prone. Even dry feet are smooth with lotion.
I wasn't able to answer this question by saying "I'm sorry."
In the countdown, your mouth will be closed, but you will not be able to gaman and see the laughter.

Tickling aside and stomach tickle after being careless by massage.
The sides are weak as well as the soles. She shook her voice and said, "No, no more ..."
The shouting laughter "Ahaha" is very impressive. Tickling lovers are a must.

[Recording time] about 33 minutes

[Model] Akane (20's) T: 160cm S: 25.0cm

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