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[Personal photography] * Covered silver teeth & tooth decay * Check the mouth of the dispatched clerk with a dental mirror w There was bacteria in the silver world Minami

Product number: Y-100
Series: やっち☆まんの口内
Genre: Tooth,Mouth
Dealers: Atlantis Creation Inc.

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ご購入前にご確認ください≫ インターネット環境について

File List:UHD(4K)

TypeBest image qualityReplay time
mp4 20,700kbps
9 minute, 12 seconds
mp4 23,950kbps
0 minute, 27 seconds

Product Information

@yarichiman ← TwitterID (w
Please let us know your requests and impressions.

Minami w achieved a new record with a bad breath checker included in the series summary benefits
Let's take a closer look at her oral environment!

A lot of silver that dazzles as soon as the opening opens
The oral environment with many treatment marks
There is a smell of tightness from teeth and gums rather than from internal organs w

I don't seem to have been to a dentist recently
The back teeth in the back of the cover can see black and yellow spots www

The teeth themselves seem to be well brushed
It seems that the smell stuck to the back teeth cannot be erased www

Playing time: about 9 minutes 12 seconds
Size: about 1.3GB
Format: MP4 format
Audio: Yes

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