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Counterattack of bullied child! Huge daughter violates school with revenge! ? [Momo Kato]


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Product Information

To you who like huge girls.

I want to be trampled by a giant woman!
I want to be licked by a huge woman!!
I want to be swallowed by a huge woman !!!

To you,
Giantess's favorite pervert director makes
I will send you an ideal huge daughter video! !

Attractive beauty or cute girl.
4K-compatible high image quality that allows you to see the soles and mouth clearly.
Mouth, mouth, tongue, saliva, teeth, swallow, bite, feet, buttocks,
A genuine fetish video produced by a director who loves everything.

Such a unique fetish master
Exit with Dompisha
It has become a huge daughter video! !

The huge daughter who came this time,
It is "Momo Kato"!

A beautiful girl who was bullied in class.
The stress of oppression has reached its limits,
Appeared in front of the bully in huge form!

She became huge enough to overlook the school building,
With its huge body and power,
Not only the bully
The school building, and the tank squad
I was overrun ...!

・ Counterattack of huge girl. Spitting on sports club members [Spit fetish] (3:42)
Momoka who appeared to be huge.

On the ground
When you find an athletic member,

Even on the whole ground, even with a spit
Momoka who is not satisfied.

"From the smell of the mouth ...
I'll sc**** out my saliva. "

Spitting out,
I was going to hit it further ...

・ Exercise club press at armpit! [Armpit fetish] (1 minute 30 seconds)
Wakiga who himself was concerned about.
When recalling that the athletic members were oppressed for that,
I will start taking off my jacket.

Especially when picking up the members who were oppressed,
Put it in your armpit.

Along with the huge size, the smell was upgraded on the armpit
The sandwiched members will die from the smell ...

If you dispose of a student who has stopped working and is no longer used,
Pick up the students who are scared by looking at the situation one by one.

When gathering members in the palm,
Rub it on the armpit to soak the odor.
"I hear the sound of human bones rubbing ..."

Members who were bullied,
Momoka's armpit had reached its end.

・ Stomping down students in the gym! [Foot fetish] (3:31)
Momo-chan who overrun the members on the ground with her armpits.
The next point of anger goes to the gymnasium.

"Everyone who ignored me is here?"

The roof of the gymnasium where other students are
It will be stripped off with overwhelming power!

"Everyone who pretends not to look is the same."

When I take off the loafers and socks I wore from the morning,
I put those stuffy feet in a gym with lots of students.

"Everyone on the arch is safe."
Momoka-chan is dissatisfied with the surviving students.
I will step on it thoroughly.

Classmates who ignored the oppression.
I have been crushed by the smelly sole. . .

・ Tank is Momoka-chan's food [Mouth fetish] (3:45)
A tank squadron dispatched to save the school.

Like showing off a weak tank,
Teachers and students will destroy the remaining school building!

Momoka who is destroying the school building more and more
An unstoppable tank.

"One such girl, a tank that ca n’t be beaten,
You do n’t have any value? "

"If it doesn't have any value, should I get my nutrition?"

Pick up one tank and put it in your mouth

Momoka-chan is surprised that the gun barrel broke without delay.
Chew a reluctant tank that cannot be attacked.

"I'm glad I became nourished."
A tank that failed to protect school.
At the end it became the nutrition of Momoka-chan. . .

The above is the content of this video.
What it really looks like
Check it out with sample videos.

And if you feel a little bit better,
By all means in the main video
Cute momoka's huge daughter play,
Please enjoy plenty! !

This is an announcement for you who loves giant women.

Mouth, bite, tooth fetish master,
I'm emailing with Twitter.

"I'm out here!"
"This play was good!"
"I want you to do more here!"
We look forward to your feedback on this video!

"I want to see this situation!"
"I want to see such a play!"
"I want OO / chan to come out!"
Please send back your request!

Based on your opinions, impressions and requests,
Get out of the best! Huge woman videos
I will make it
Thank you (^ ▽ ^) /



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