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[Gura Set] Imai Anki-chan's tickled set!

Product number: GL-23z
Series: くすぐられ
Genre: Tickling torture
Dealers: Samurai.TK

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Product Information

Gura set prime is advantageous!

It is set sale that combined ① ~ ③!

★ Normally

①②③ @ 1,980 yen

A total of 5,940 yen for 3 bottles, 3,980 yen!


※ Blog cart-limited price! 3,680 yen!

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① [F / M] Do you feel tickling ?! Anki Imai's tickled fetish guy

“Are you excited when tickled?”


Originally in de S (in the old name, but still now)

Anki Imai, a pretty popular actress

FANZA's work registration number is over 100 !!

There was a lot of requests from users

Office transfer? What'll we do?

I changed my name and finally got in touch, and I immediately offered

Appeared in numerous works, but Anki-chan is the first fetish to be tickled and sexually excited

Suddenly, I tried only two people with no fetish explanation.

It is cute that I am a little wary while laughing brightly

While tickling and listening to the fetish man

As expected, the feeling and technique of a veteran actress is gradually ignited by the de S ...

This work is the first tickling fetish man to see for the first time since the birth of genuine Imai Anki

It ’s a documentary about actually tickling.

Please enjoy

Recording: about 13 minutes

(2) [F / M] New member China Imai Anki-chan is tickling for the first time at the high-class tickling club.

As Imai Anki-chan speaks Chinese-style shouts during the break

If you were impressed by all the staff

The hope of the person who wants to do it for a moment and the unanimous agreement of the staff on the spot, including the actor,

I had it done suddenly

Please say that it is a real tickling fetish actor and handjob while tickling at the end

Except that, it ’s all ad lib that she ’s doing on the spot.

Apparently it seems like Miss China for the first tickling course of 20,000 yen for 90 minutes

It ’s a little prank,

I asked for a tip on the way, or tickled intentionally

What really makes an actor who reacts by tickling really interesting

You ca n’t do it unless you ’re serious.

Please enjoy

Recording: about 14 minutes

③ [F / M] is too free! An Imai-chan's completely free tickling

Shoot the tickling under the armpit between the previous scene and this scene.

Anju-chan who was incontinent while laughing

Although it should be painful, it is strangely fine and this time it is a revenge

These two guys in a mecca while saying "I'm fine"

Maybe something has sprung up between the two by tickling

Anyway, since the tickling response is interesting

Stick to the actor, tickling out and not leaving at all

I just told you to cook as you like to make it easier for yourself

Start shooting

Tick no hard in the scene so far, close your mouth with gummed tape and breathe only with nose

Face sitting after being in a state, slightly floating slightly and smelling dick

Sealing the nose between the crotch and driving into suffocation,

A documentary series in which she chooses tickling play

After all, the highlight of Anju-chan who just continues to blame after tickling in the middle

Mysterious vertical stain from panty ...

Apparently it seems to be enjoying it seriously lol

≪Bonus≫ at the beginning and end of the book

Hidden video recording of the tickling interaction between two people before the scene start

Please enjoy

Recording: about 21 minutes

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