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[Cum fetishism] Maniac oral observation and intraoral fetish play of Hatano Yui!


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Product Information

This video is divided into four scenes.

1. Mouth observation, swallowing Gumimaru

In the mouth of Yui
I carefully observed it!
Voice of director (photographer)
I have not put it at all.

Yui spreads her mouth with her fingers,
Show off your teeth
Show off your throat
I shot a scene like ...!

We do not use instruments such as openers.
Nur Nur long tongue,
Overflowing saliva ... full of attractions!

It is Gumi Maru 咀嚼 ・ 咀嚼 scene continuing further.
Consider Gummy as a human being and put it in your mouth,
After messing with velor and teeth
I photographed the place where I hesitated and swallowed!

The so-called vore (呑 フ ェ fetishism)
It is similar to giantess (female giant fetish).

Gumi is going to drown in Yui's mouth,
It's being scummed as it is,
I will be swallowed to the back of my throat ...!

2. Finger blowjob

This time I had a finger sucking.

With just a finger blowjob
Because I can not see much in my mouth,
Show off your mouth as much as possible,
I gave up and talked to my fingers, hands and arms.

Yui's tongue is full of saliva and so soft
It was very nice.
But I have not put any voice of the photographer!

Everybody is also Yui
Imagine Shiko where I am finger fuck.

3. Dwarfs puppet round and round

In response to your request,
Dreamy vore stew
We reproduced in three dimensions! !

You who became a dwarf,
Yui-chan puts it in my mouth.

Have your whole face put in your mouth,
I am allowed to give up in the body in a big bello,
Have you walk on the buro carpet ...!

The whole body is wrapped in Yui's mouth,
The warmth of your mouth, the nasty feeling of saliva,
Soft tongue Bello,
You can enjoy everything.

Because it is a real doll,
When I look, I become a doll,
It becomes pleasant to be caught in Yui's mouth.

Maru Mami fetish ・ huge daughter fetish ・ oral fetish ・ tongue fetish
If you are, you will definitely miss it! !

4. Boiled salmon

Finally, I took a picture of Boiled Salmon!

Of course not just jealousy,
Swim in the mouth as a batter, as a living being,
At the end you get a mess and bite
It was stored in high quality.

I entered Yui's mouth,
Enjoy the swimming pool and the soft velvet carpet,
I think I can delusion where it is bitten.

The above is the contents of this video.
Yui-chan's maniac mouth observation & mouth play,
Please enjoy it to the fullest! !