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■ If it is sexual harassment to a beauty nurse two people at 3 hospitals and a Nanami Yua hospital, electric massage is done and ****d ejaculation ...


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Two nurses are coming to the sleeping man

Senior Yua "How are you feeling?"

Patient man "It is good condition"

Junior "I will measure the blood pressure a little"

When the junior grabs the man's arm, the man stretches his hand to the chest,

I step on the man's face with the foot with the junior student "This perverted guy!"

And while the senior licks a man's nipple, I put the hand which dropped the collar in the pants and start the hand job inside the pants.

Man "What do you do!"

Senior "always always sexual harassment!"

Junior "I will punish with two!"

A man is tense in the pants under the stimulation of the crotch and the nipple while receiving a stir.

And when seniors and juniors switch handjobs and stomps, a man pants in the stimulus that changes slightly

Two people put a W electric electric pen to drive a man to the wall

Senior "I'll crush because you can't escape here"

Junior "Senior I crush the right ball w"

Senior "Well then I'm the left ball w"

Junior "I'm getting addicted to the gold ball"

Seniors "This is great!"

For men who feel they are being overwhelmed, the blame of the two people gets worse.

And while the senior put a figure of neck 4 with a foot, he spited his hand, rubbed in the nose of a man, and shook a nipple,

The juniors hold both feet of the man and put on the electric anma.

"I'll give you a spit."

"Are you feeling nipples? Have you been up?"

"You are happy to be tightened by your feet"

"It's a guy who's going to grow big up to electricity!"

The nurses line up all sorts of clutter and overthrow the man.

And while they took off the man's pants and put on a collar,

Barefoot "electricity Amma !!" and put on double electric amma by two people.

Seniors "When two people drive electricity, comfort and vibration are doubled!"

Juniors "Which Electric Anma Feels Good?"

Senior "Say here early"

Juniors "If you go ahead with electricity, don't you get better?"

When a man becomes addicted to the electric anma that both of them feel good

Two people accelerate the vibration of the electric pan further, and apply **** equally to all the left, right, left and right balls properly.

A man makes a big fire in the intense pleasure that I have never felt before

And when they got their feet dirty, they ****d the two men to lick their legs with semen, and they were looking down at the man in a satisfying way

★ play content

Milk fir face stepping & nipples licking pants inside collar hand job

Double wall drive electric anma

Neck 4 shaped face swallow & electric anma

Tsubaki plenty of double standing electric electric pen

Double-legged licking

(Boy talk)

Both of them were very good at electric electric hammer.

Especially when the last time was about to go, the electric electric Satsuma was applied to all the balls with proper power and intense vibration

If you look at the electric anma fetish, I think that you can see the comfort and level of the two electric anma.

Recording: about 11 minutes

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