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■ If I try to ask the two girls of one classmate and Yu Nanami classmates who want to have their own electric anma and foot fall play ...


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File List:無期限視聴,スマホ視聴可 4K~SD全画質セット

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Rena "Well, what about Uchida U?"

Man "Uh, Ummmmane"

Yua "What do you like to be done?"

Man "Do you like being bullied by feet"

Rena "Eh super transformation! W"

Yua "Let's try what you want"

Man "Mr. Aoi wears a collar on his hand while squeezing his nipples,

Will Mr. Nanami sit and have electricity? "

Lana extended legs from the top of the sofa, wrapped it around the neck, and tightened it,

I hang my hand collar and paint it on the nipple.

The male nipples are erected and enlarged while being tightened.

Rena "I will rub the smell of spit"

Rena "I feel nipples even if I'm painful"

Rena "Because I will tighten my leg and take him to the world."

Yua at the same time as the beginning of the first four letters

Start electric massage.

Yua "I'm addicted to electric massage with stinky feet ~? Transformation ~ w"

Help also stimulate the nipple,

And the crotch of a man stands up to a man's crotch until a well-experienced and skillful electric annoyance.

Rena "What do you want to do next?"

Man "Mr. Aoi's spit on the face while holding both hands, electric amma on the face,

Mr. Nanami asks for electric amma in the crotch while spiting in the crotch. "

Yua "Do you like slow? Is it good or is it early? Or is it good?"

Yua, who is the electric anma teacher of the war, matches the speed of the electric anma to each line and scolds a man.

It hurts a man and gives electric pleasure while giving a pleasant feeling and laughing.

Rena "Horohora face rice cake is electric massage too"

Rena "How about the smell of wings and feet?"

In the morning, the smell of the foot and the nose of the foot are mixed, and the smell of the foot and the collar is spread in the nasal cavity of the man.

"What do you want to do next?"

Man "Please take off my pants and hold me down with double electric amma"

The two hold on to each other so as not to miss each man's foot and shake their legs in small steps!

"It's a luxury to be annoyed by such two cute girls."

"Which electric anma feels better?"

"I am in charge of the right ball, then I am in charge of the left ball"

When the two men blame the man mercilessly, the pleasure of the man climbs to the vicinity of the top.

"Hey, let's get out the spermatozoon fast!

"That's right, let's start with feet"

A man is suddenly turned off until two strong electric angers.

"I want you to do it again! It won't stop even if it comes out."

It is a man who is blamed even if it is turned on.

The electric lamp continued until the two people were relieved.

★ play content

Neck four-shaped nipple blame & sitting electric massage

Facial collar electric massage & standing electric massage

Double Standing Electric Anma

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

Recording: about 15 minutes

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