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■ 3 When I see a girl in Harusaki Mei licking my feet, I was spited electricly by the feet of slimy in a spit

Product number: AM-183
Series: 電気アンマ
Genre: Femdom
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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Product Information

Woman sniffing his feet on the couch

Woman "Ha? Is it a bad smell"

Woman "My feet are delicious!"

Woman "It smells like my feet Japanese style hamburger"

A woman who gives up one's own leg like a politely one by one foot

A man comes in at the point of giving up

Man "Huh? What a bit of it"

Woman "What is Uchida-kun doing?"

Woman "My feet are smelling like a Japanese style hamburger now, so let's smell it from aw delicious!"

When a man sits under the couch

A woman holds a hand and applies electric massage to the face and crotch at the same time

Woman "Do not you taste like Japanese style hamburger?"

Man "sickly smells"

Woman "Does it feel good to be embarrassed?"

And this time, a woman who targets only to the face and does electric massage to the face

Woman "Would you like it?" ! Spit a lot on my face and

While rubbing the woman "oh! Guchogucho w", I rub the collar with my feet.

Woman "I made it to grated sauce w"

When it smells so as not to dislike the smell of the collar and feet, this time, hold on both feet firmly from the top of the sofa,

A woman who puts an electric amma in her crotch

Woman "I used to do this a long time ago, friend I'm niece"

Woman "It feels good? Where do you feel good?"

Man "Kintama"

Woman "Kintama? Let's smash the Kintama?"

A man whose erection doesn't cover even if accused of a gold coin.

A woman takes off a man's pants

Pez! When I put a collar

Barefooted Electric Amma

And when we get up and get ready

A woman "Electricity ... Anma? !!"

Woman "Japanese-style hamburger-style electric bean paste w"

A man who is likely to be overwhelmed by the feeling of so much please ask for it slowly.

Woman "Would you like to relax? (Kolden) Gorigori but I'm www"

Woman "Ikina! Come on! Come on! Come on!"

A man who gets tired when he accelerates the electric lamp again

Woman "You've got it with your feet!"

Woman "It's super cute and funny!"

Woman "Can't stop yet? Uchida-kun still can?"

The woman who blame for the sensitive chin immediately after and ejaculation

She kept smiling and having fun with the electric lamp.

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Women themselves feet stinking feet licking

Facial crotch simultaneous electric massage

Facial collar electric massage

Sofa Sitting Electric Anma

Tsubaki plenty of standing electric electric pen

Immediately after abolition electric blame electric massage

[The highlight of this work]

A woman who smells the smell of her legs like crazy.

It is a specific smell called Japanese style hamburg

Stir the odor and taste, and intense smell that seems to smell even through the camera mixed of foot and collar

It is smelled and stepped on,

Not only electric anma fetish but also foot fetish, it is a work which is unbearable to smell fetishism.

Recording: about 11 minutes

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