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MASK VENUS vol.20 Eri

Star: 北見えり
Genre: Mask Fetish

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Product Information

A 100% pure mask fetish image and video that responds to the endless desire and desire for fetish!

[Contents of photo book]
-The 20th work of "MASK VENUS" is Ms. Kitami, a beautiful girl model with glasses who has been active in photo shoots. The cute looks with an idol aura are the best whether you are wearing a face, glasses or a mask!

・In addition to the standard gauze, pleats, and three-dimensional masks, the comfortable revolution that first appeared in the previous work vol.19 and Pasima reusable masks can be used. A lot of shots of face/glasses ON/OFF are also recorded, so is it a taboo for mask fetish? The first shot with a pair of glasses and mask is also included!

・We also carry a set sale with quite profitable videos!

☆Appearance mask
・Gauze mask (usually crunchy)
・Pleated mask
・Super three-dimensional mask
・Comfortable revolution
・Pasima reusable mask
・Work mask

*The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and the secondary use such as reproduction and unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Image Size: 1437 x 960 pixel
Number of images: 565

The room we shot this time was slightly dim and pinked (laughs), but the lovely masks that change a lot due to the model's lively expression, young and smooth skin, and the posing tech cultivated at the photo session. I was able to record the figure. I think that the glasses that seem to be a negative factor for mask fetish will be a good accent when she puts them on, and I think that one grain will be delicious twice.

[Contents of video]
・The drama of this work is "If the cameraman is a mask fetish." A model that makes a suspicious photographer with a rough tone feel uneasy. Shooting progressed as it was told...

-A noisy photographer when wearing a mask. After finishing the filming of various masks, I asked them to lie on the bed and take off their clothes. But the drama goes in an unexpected direction...?

-Includes the situation video "Catch a cold and lie down" in the first part. In the second part of the mission, "Be careful with this news! It’s been a tough time to realize “! ? 3 bonus images + α are also recorded at the same time.

・We also carry a set sale with a great deal of photo books!

☆ First part recording contents

(1) Mini-drama "If the awesome cameraman was a mask fetish," the first half

Appearance masks: gauze masks (usually crunchy, small), pleated masks, super three-dimensional masks

(2) Situation "Catch a cold and fall asleep"

(3) Bonus video "Pleat and Puckpaku"

☆ Second part recording contents

(1) The second half of the mini drama "If the cameraman is a mask fetish"

Appearance mask... Gauze mask (normal), Comfortable revolution, Pasima Reusable mask, work mask

(2) Mission "Squeeze with this news!"

(3) Bonus footage "Pulling with gauze to pan" "Up and down gauze with lips"

(4) Interview with the model

*A little making at the end? There is also a target image

*The copyright of this work belongs to ksam and MASK VENUS, and the secondary use such as reproduction and unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

The drama this time is a story like an amateur girl ○ Raw AV? I thought about MASK VENUS, but it's non-adult like MASK VENUS, and finally fits in with the usual taste. I regret that it was partially blurred due to the camera's malfunction on the way, but in the drama, a girl with a shadow somewhere, Eri's two different charms and masks are usually surprisingly dry I hope you will enjoy the appearance.