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Stop crushing after smelling the foot smell! 1 & 【crush each box】


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mp4 7,350kbps
7 minute, 22 seconds

Product Information

I don't know what it feels like!

It is a work to crush the figure of the dress and the figure of the sitting girl.
Request work

[Item content]
Crush the figure of the dress with the box and then take it out
If you take a step and get a neck, kick it out as it is
Even if the camera shakes the remaining torso, I will continue to step on it!

Sitting girl figure kicked off the chair
In the place where you lay on the floor, you can smell the steamed feet in the crash shooting
Take off your shoes and step on your face with socks, then put on your shoes
Even if this takes a long time, I'm gobbled down, cruelty that smiles when I get a neck ...
A great deal of striding strokes If you love bold stepping, it is a must

Images by angle are recorded by two cameras.
The works are made according to the request contents.
Secondary use of downloaded videos, publishing on the Internet, etc.
We will prohibit transfer and distribution of files.

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