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Fecal Kiss Ando Hitomi dung kisses Ando eyes

Product number: VRNET-022
Series: 糞接吻
Director: 安達かおる
Star: 安藤瞳
Genre: Scatology
Dealers: ブイアンド are planning co., Ltd.

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39 minute, 41 seconds

Product Information

Hitomi is not experienced with scatro play but gained the courage and tried her first shitty kiss! Help the constipated shit squeeze out from the anus sandwiched between the ass cheeks. The highest quality firm and resilient shit is "Hitomi" and a man treat with a deep kiss. In between time, "Hitomi" desperately kisses while being obsessed with the intense smell and taste too.
Gradually being pulled into a "fecal kiss" which is the ultimate form of love. Scat play the inexperienced Hitomi-Chan dung kiss in the courage to! Constipation fecal 捻ri出su anal plump still nestled between the buttocks. "Eyes" and a man biting release feces very tough and resilient wild shit. Along the way, too intense smell and taste in subjects to be eyes while trying to curb flavored kisses. I was drawn to feces Kiss increasingly is the ultimate love.

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