Name car serie annexes 6 Lamborghini VOL, Miura

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Successor to the Countach. ', Miura appeared in 66, ジュネーブショー, 40 years after ' revival in 2006, as announced, LA ショー and デトロイトショー as featured cars. A 2 seat ミッドシップスポーツカー, named the Miura Bull breeding House legend's name factor though. In マルチェロ-ガンディーニ デザイン weight 980 kg 290 kilometres, speed, V type 12 cylinder transverse 350 horsepower less masculine ボディー, and ミッドシップスポーツカー of the world's first 12-cylinder transverse.
Last type P400SV is 400 horsepower output until the masterpiece car and reached ランボルギーニ.