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Now back Jin Jo C0225.


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5760 * 3840 (350dpi/8bit/jpg) * We do not get the property released.

>Stock photo of Okinawa" paid picture material license and terms of use , under the agreement, depending on the application license please purchase.

[Normal range of use of the license]
As part of a packaging is used [1].
Use of advertising to website, website design, EC site design, website, advertising banners [* 2].
Use of full text e-books, advertising, and design.
Use of newspaper articles, advertisements and magazine covers, articles, newspaper advertising, design / books / e-books, advertising, design and free paper articles, advertising and design.
Use of brochures, leaflets, DM, POP, placards, posters, exhibition display, signs, signs, property advertising, transit advertising.
Use of materials.
What personal use personal homepage, greeting, greeting cards etc.
Use [* 1] products, please purchase the extended license.

Used for template design with a [* 2] redistribution, please purchase the extended license.
Use of extended license
Any individual, Corporation, Association, usually includes the following added to the scope of use of the license.
For video use (TV, TV commercials, Internet broadcast, promotional video).
Street vision advertising use.
Used for items for sale (large and small). Use of template design with redistribution (all template websites, blog sites, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc.).

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