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JAGAs x Amateurs x Stockings vol.2 Sarah

Product number: DP021,022
Series: 足の裏くすぐり地獄 ストッキング足裏くすぐり
Playback time: 26min
Genre: Tickling torture
Dealers: Samurai.TK

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TypeImage qualityReplay time
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12 minute, 47 seconds
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Product Information

In the youth future fears of prolonged recession, employment, Japan

There is a high income is becoming a little boom, make money in a short period of time.  It's a Tickle model!


Not even be touched nor take off without the important place

AV is not fully then, popularity only minority fetish stuff.

The rumors that recently, gradually spreading among college students and vocational school students

That word of mouth to hear the two girls today JAGA he came to the

Sara and Marina women's College students already view the world housework is only grown this year at least two 20-year-old

And I realized while describing the shooting, somewhere along the line hand nor the foot will bound Sudden predicament cannot no longer flee, hide!

From the start with relentless currant wedges, until hell

In every sense, so close to the limit to tickling the implacable challenge, cries

Whether they stand up to where...

The tickler

JAGA-muscle & non-stop-hard gear!

KOBAYASHI generate the ticklish stimulation with fingers of her fingers together and nature man is quite different!

JAGA's boasts two major "tickler" is alternately and spree tickling at the same time!

Split clip part 1 is Sarah's

Recorded a whopping 26 min Sala highlighted the soles distract cries immediately, and started tickling foot tickling favorite, super sensitive

However, it's best for JAGA situation Stop crying if you scream, the more-and we shoot a long as you appeal to.

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