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From the JAGA's foot God gifts feet Kasumigaura photo collection + bonus videos stockings → raw feet


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Product Information

This model is brown haired gal cum is her daughter.
Foot size is 23.5 centimeters in Greece type.
Are in good condition as well as horny, beautiful soles punipuni.

Aspect ratio, such as the sole artistic so far

Toenails are groomed frequently, as well as foot & nail also seems, soles are tables are filled.

Well, this is Rina-Chan uniform stockings feet soles & student is the sole.
Come and listen to the Superfly "On Your Side" Please see.

Rina was a little bad, deviation up 40, who went on to the University of Tokyo.

I thought getting dressed in old memories with friends in high school classrooms, and

Is no longer, so I got dressed here.

Let me talk a lot while longing for the old days.

Stage is a girls ' school.

Rina is a slender style and excellent reflexes and was well-liked among Juniors

And best friends parents divorce starts rough in the wake 'R' was a childhood friend from elementary school.

Two people mutually adolescent, rebellious attitude in class appear.

Place feet on the desk, or fall asleep in class.

More nightlife, near Seaside Park had become hangouts for young people before one is aware.

Rina's parents is no bad elements, famous neighbors housewife

Well that seems broken friend 'R' loneliness and heart.

So it was like such an unstable 'R' to one that can't. However, when playing with 2 people really enjoyed it.

Fun time continues good life and thought. However, the summer of the second year of high school, Rina's father suddenly disappeared.

Evaporation of the standstill in the management of the company at the end of.

Rina who was left to pay off debts and living had part-time jobs. Mother, I do hate became such an irresponsible father.

And bore a grudge against the poor.

Start saying so is not academic at all, I will work hard to Rina

Rina also desperate to study as now.

However, it had gone to seed gradually became one 'R' is.

Rumors have dabbled as a dangerous drug, and hanging out with older men.

Go to Rina together was no longer raised and the time permits, see under 'R' Desperate to persuade.

But never the 'R'.

Third summer, the 'R' is not, has disappeared somewhere. …

Since 7 years, Rina is enjoying new company wanted to fine living.

While I laugh in an accent still get rid of the old legs back taking in the classroom is well.

Place feet on the attitude in class when I was a little bit bad, desk, and then fall asleep in class while I reproduce the per

Take off stockings to become barefoot so we shoot as 舐me回su raw soles.

Sexy stockings soles, soles clean raw, please enjoy. In addition!

Even the videos we recorded during a photo shoot at the same time has gotta omake!

Video and stills together Rina-CHAN's foot until fingerprint and enjoy!

(1) images: 185-image size: 4608 x 3456

(2) bonus video: MP 4 format 1280 * 720 3 ' 13 "

* This product we are compressed into zip files, so unzip, Lhaca soft and unpack.
 To terminate the notice after selling works for * sale.
 So, for end-of-work does not go personal trading Please be forewarned. Please purchase of works that I will be at your earliest convenience.

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