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Update list
January 2021
P / Ys, P / Tochihama 0120, P / DECORATOR, P / Yukki, P / Kei B, P / Hiro, P / Shinya
Updated 7 works above!

December 2020
P / Big Papa, P / Hentai Kamen & Yui Mama, P / KEI-SAN, P / M-FUCKER, P / MK General, P / Mash & Saki, P / Nobutan, P / Red Pirate
Updated the above 8 works!

■ "Amateur posted videos" are always available for unlimited viewing of about 500 works for a fixed amount of ¥ 4,980!
■ You can watch as many times as you like for 30 days after purchase.

* Please note that due to the nature of amateur submissions, they may be deleted without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
* Please note that all videos are DRM-processed and can only be played on the PC registered by the user.
* Streaming playback is possible from the browser.
* If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to play it 30 days after the renewal date.
* The deleted work will not be able to play the file. please note that. In addition, please refrain from the next work upload contents or deleted re-up request.

◆ Notes
・ The usage will be automatically renewed until you cancel the membership. [Monthly fee will be charged every 30 days]
・ You can always unsubscribe from the purchase history.
・ If you re-enroll after withdrawal, you will be charged for the first month.

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