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[SOAKED WOMAN ~Thrilled to see you in a suit~]

I took a bookkeeping quiz. If the answer is incorrect, I will sprinkle honey on you!

I enjoyed the process of getting wet as honey flowed over the clothes (suits) and bodies of stylish women. (Sometimes I get shocked when I look at the camera.)

When I poured honey over my head, it flowed down the collar of my blouse and sparkled.

Then, I put honey in my enamel pumps and wore them, and I poured a whole bucket of honey on them and enjoyed the feel of them! (Of course, I added plenty of honey to the cuffs and back.)

I take off my jacket and pour some honey on my saxophone blue blouse so that it sticks to my skin, then I put on my jacket again and pour a lot of honey on it!

What would you do if the insurance lady in charge of you on the weekend told you that tomorrow was her day off, so you could get your suit dirty?

Please look!

*The main story does not contain subtitles.