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[SOAKED WOMAN ~Thrilled to see you in a suit~]

Spray melted balloon ice cream to make a mess. Add it to your neck and cuffs to make your whole body sweeter!

Next, pop a balloon filled with W (whipped) cream over your head and when it gets dirty, pour a large amount of W cream into your chest and neck. (Please enjoy the reactions as well.)

I put on a very soft W cream over my head, and once my whole body was completely white, I even put it in my customary pumps.

Then, I put it in through my cuffs, poured it down my neck, and put it over my head, and my whole body was covered in double cream!

Finally, rinse with water, apply double cream again, and repeat!

There are many scenes where a large amount of double cream is put into her body (neck and cuffs), and please enjoy the reaction of "Yui-san" who gets tickled by the ingredients flowing through her body and becomes dangerous!

*The main story does not contain subtitles.