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[Wet]Intern-24 uw

[Wet]Intern-24 uw
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[SOAKED WOMAN ~Thrilled to see you in a suit~]

Beautiful lawyer "Yui-san" gets wet after answering a quiz incorrectly. Place the camera in front and right next to it and spray water on it! At the end, we splash water on you like a ``killer whale baptism''!

In the second half, we go to retrieve the "win and lose" papers from the water. (I dived more than 15 times in total and edited it with a mix of full-body shots and self-portraits.)

The first time was with the jacket on, the second time was with the jacket unbuttoned, the third time was with the jacket off, and the last time was with the jacket on.

The highlight is how the water pressure disrupts the tight suit. Check out the underwater scenes of Yui-san, who loves getting wet, bathing and diving!

*The main story does not contain subtitles.