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[Wet] Pool Party-02 ma

[Wet] Pool Party-02 ma
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[SOAKED WOMAN ~Thrilled to see you in a suit~]

★Moe-chan angle★
Mainly "Harukaze Moe-san" is shown in the center. Sometimes there are scenes where the two are shown together.

The two of us played with water shotguns and then got together to check out the wet spots.

Next, we poured buckets of water on each other until we were ``soaked'', then we got together again, took off our jackets, and checked where we had gotten wet.

Then I went into the pool and dug down to pick up the stones that had fallen to the bottom!

After being hit by the waterfall, the two of us played with killer whale floats and dived into beach balls.

At the end, I got hit by the waterfall and got soaked.

This work has the image of ``hotel staff playfully playing in the water while cleaning the pool.'' Please take a look!

*The main story does not contain subtitles.