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[Messy] Honey-10

[Messy] Honey-10
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[SOAKED WOMAN ~Thrilled to see you in a suit~]

The suit is a dark gray jacket and black skirt. While having a casual conversation, we play rock, paper, scissors and if we lose, we will drip honey on our arms and legs!

When I dripped it on my collar, even the chest of my white blouse turned amber. I also enjoyed putting honey on the cuffs and wearing them in plain pumps!

When I poured honey on his back, he became quite sticky and covered his head with a large bucket of honey!

When I took off my jacket and let some of the honey drip onto my 50% cotton and polyester blouse, it became see-through and sticky.In the end, I poured myself a bucket of honey again and my head and face were covered in honey, to the point where I couldn't even open my eyes.

Please take a look at this gentle and cute lady enjoying herself covered in honey while conveying the scent and situation!

*The main story does not contain subtitles.