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[Sweat] Sweat-03

[Sweat] Sweat-03
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I entered the sauna wearing a gray jacket and white blouse (50% cotton, 50% polyester)!

I went into the sauna for about 10 minutes, went out and took a break to check the sweaty part, and repeated this 3 times.

In the first check, the blouse was slightly damp, and the image of a sales sister who came back from the outside on a hot day.

From the second time, sweat flowed down the model's face and nape like a waterfall, and I became soaked with sweat.

The third time, the more the color of the back of the jacket changed, the more sweaty it became, and about half of the collar of the blouse was soaked with sweat.

Please see the process of a cute model getting wet with sweat!

* There is no telop in the main story.