Baby Math Signs

Genius Math Signs for communication of parents and children!

It was introduced by Japanese newspapers and magazine.

◆Letters from famous teachers
We received some letters from famous teachers.
Dr. Haruo Saji
NASA Voyager project, physicist

Dr. Eiichi Hanamura
Emeritus professor of Tokyo University, physicist

Mr. Sumihiro Eguchi
The former superintendent of Shinichi Suzuki Memorial Museum

◆User's voices of Baby Math Signs
Ms. Nanako Kobayashi
My son and I played dots cards often since he was 4 months.
Now, he is three years old and active and sometimes doesn’t need his
He is occasionally absorbed in his playing, and doesn't concentrate on the
dots cards when we want to play it.
If you played dots cards, you know, preparing it is rather troublesome.
And, I know that we should show dots cards to him constantly after we
played it again and again.
So, I searched some methods, and then found this.
When I’m looking at the PC and he sits on my knees, I show him those
movies that are on the desk top for several seconds. He likes the movie of
fruits especially, and watches it intently in a short time.
It‘s very easy without preparation.
He sometimes says, “One more time.”
But it is the trick of stopping when the child wants to watch it a little
I turn off the movie saying “Tomorrow we will watch it again.”
There are numbers and math sign language and it takes less than 1 minute
showing all parts for one day. I
’m pleased with it as it is very easy and convenient.

It is good that the four basic operations of arithmetic had been created, then we can use it for long years.

Mr. Yoshio Saito
I’m 63 and I have two grandsons of two years old.
My parents lived desperately because it was the mixing up age after the war
in my infancy.
 to be continued.
Of course I didn’t get any education at all before I enter the elementary
school. My parents left me alone.

After I entered the elementary school, I didn’t know how to study and my
grade was not good.
I hated studying and school and then I spent times playing until I entered
junior high school.
The new teacher taught me the technique of studying in the new term of the
second grade of junior high school.
But it was too late to take the entrance examination and I abandoned the
idea of going to college.
I became an ordinary salaried worker.

Are there many people who have had the same experience?
So, I was searching for early learning material for my grand son.
One day I found some teaching materials called ‘Baby Math Sign’
It fits for me because I think that an infant doesn’t have a self, so they
should learn unconsciously.
The infant’s brain absorbs all they watch and listen like a sponge absorbs
Ms. Kazuko Sato’s Baby Math Sign has a program that offers learning in
playing with long times again and again.
It is programmed to learn naturally from the environment with watching and
listening without enforcement.
It’s wonderful!
I’d like to present it to my grand son for his second birthday.
Thank you very much.

Ms. Kyoko Sugawara
“Wow, it’s great!”
This is the first words that I saw from this learning material.
3 year old children can count numbers to 100 smoothly! They also can count
in English!
Ordinary 3 year old children can understand about to number 4.
If they can count, it's only a little. However, children can count numbers
to 100 easily with this program and both in Japanese and English.
I was so surprised.

It takes a long time that they can count to 100 when they enter the
elementary school.
The program isn’t difficult.
Just playing the movies and sounds for only 3 minutes every day
There wasn’t a learning method with sign language until now. It has originality.
If the baby touches the numbers and English, it is hoped that the child’s ability will be higher up until they enter the elementary school.


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