Super easy! !  You can download the digital contents for sale! !

As well as video production company and record label, indie artists,
Independent productions, theater, theater, comedy, storyteller, sports, cartoons, seminars, courses etc.,
Digital data (video content, audio content, images, text) if, OK anything.

You can easily sell for free download.

Let us sell?
※ What is immoral may help them notice.

What you can do * XCREAM

You can download sales without investing in expensive systems that have your content ◎.

You can also set the DRM.
Supported files: Windows Media Audio / Video (WMV, format WMA)

Example files can be sold at XCREAM
【PDF】. pdf
【Text】. txt
【Image】. jpg,. jpeg,. gif,. tif,. tiff,. bmp,. bmpf,. png,. ico,. cur,. xbm
【Video Music】. wmv,. wma,. aac,. adts,. ac3,. aif,. aiff,. aifc,. caf,. mp3,. m4a,. snd,. au,. sd2,. wav, . mov,. mp4,. m4v, .3gp
【Compressed files to be unpacked】 .zip,. lzh, etc.

Sales cases ☆
• Mobile smartphone content and for content. (Please register at the corresponding file format ※.)
• Movie sold in conjunction with the seminar materials.
Electronic books, or photo.

◎ You can also sell streaming. (wmv file has DRM)

You can set the number of days available for viewing ◎.
For example, watch for 7 days.

So opening system ◎ SHOP, you can set your favorite content price!
New high, old work, please free to decide such a cheap price.
One song is OK to sell at 10,000 yen 1 video, is OK at 50 yen and 100 yen for sale!

The site also features its own sales ◎! Function (store)
By installing a customizable shopping cart for selling downloads on the site, our
You can download sales on its site.
We will not store settings here, please contact us.

XCREAM Support

XCREAM charges for FREE!

30% of sales amount if the item is sold on the download (※) We subtracted a fee to let me, we will transfer your 70%!
In 30% of course, is not quite Otoku including credit card transactions and affiliate fees.
No further charges Itadakimasen.

The site can be opened easily with unlimited download sales only XCREAM!

I just have to content delivery, You do not need the DVD production costs so far!

※ If the payment is by credit card. If the payment is 40 percent commission bitcash.

Contents * Capacity: Unlimited!

However ※, if sales are subject to significantly lower our limit elses.

Take a long time to download 1.5 GB of space and is one file,
Some providers can not be downloaded because there seems to be stuck to the transfer limit is your sister,
We hope that you appreciated less than 1.5 GB.
If more than 1.5 GB to encode a full-length and it is absolutely
Part, it is OK to register appreciated split into multiple files, etc. You Part.

DRM (digital rights protected) implemented!!

DRM (Digital Rights Management) and, to prevent unauthorized copying of digital data such as music and video
Technique is to restrict duplication and distribution of the data reproduction.

XCREAM is sold in a DRM WMA and WMV, we have implemented this?
There ※ DRM, NO can also be set.

Super easy to upload content * ♪

Or how to upload your content you one from the management to give one of us opened our shop
You find and how to register and upload your content via FTP.
Since items can be registered easily enough can support your staff part-time job.

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