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"World is secretly shines when 'spring also come'" they answer


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File List:無期限視聴

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Product Information

Ohno Satoshi Takaya writer hidden masterpiece collection.

Picturing the world four shining upon slapstick and sometimes tunes beautifully, secretly. Spring. Away from the springs. Suicide candidates 10 people gathered on the Internet. 3 Days / 2 nights. Plays...?? CAST & STAFF?? Shibata Sayaka 笹沢 Yuko made demonstration: Ohno Satoshi Takaya CAST: Ichiro Okuma, Otani,, Onda love, Junichi Kanamori, kamata Yuki Kaori, kurasawa, science, Kosugi, Mika, norifumi Koyama, Masae Saito, Sakurai St., and Takeo 勢登, this spear, yourself, tatsunami Shinichi Tanabe asami, Toshima Yuya, Teraoka Izumi, Nobuyuki Fukuda, Fujiki h. child, Hidetoshi Masuda, y. Matsuoka, second pair Yoshioka Ami Yoshikawa Genna, Watanabe KONOMI, tsujikawa sachiyo